Mishima Event Calendar

January 7 Shinto ritual of Tamatsuri & Otauchi Shinji Mishima Taisha shrine It is a Shinto ritual. Performing cultivating rice by Japanese traditional art, Kyo-gen, and praying for the productiveness of grain and peaceful in the new year. Small rice cakes and paddy are thrown to visitors.
15 Sagicho Festival Don Don Yaki Mishima Taisha shrine Collecting the new year's ornament, burnt for sacred fire.
17 Housha Sai Mishima Taisha shrine It is a Shinto ritual for purification, shotting arrows on about 60m ahead the target.
February The beginning of February Jiguchi Andon Center of Mishima city Paper-covered lamp shades in which puns are written are decorated along Main Street.
3 Setsubun Festival Mishima Taisha shrine It is a Shinto ritual for driving out the evils appearing in the seasonal change, by throwing soybeans.
The middle of February Izu Marathon Mishima-City Kannami-Town Izunokuni-City Izu-City 21.7km marathon from Shuzenji to Mishima Taisha shrine.
April 3 Chigokenkou Sai Mishima Taisha shrine It is a festival of a prayer for children's health and growth. They parade the street and dance.
The beginning of April National Institute of Genetics, Special Open House National Institute of genetics Annual open house. Available to see over 300 cherry blossoms, as much as 200 varieties, and attend the presentation of their researches.
May 5 Spring Festival at Main Commercial Street Center of Mishima city Main Commercial Street changes the pedestrian precinct, and various events are held there.
June The beginning of June Fireflies Festa in Mishima Rakujuen Park, Genbe river, etc. Possible to watch fireflies at the clear stream in the city.
July 1 The celemony of Mt.Fuji climbing open JR Mishima Station South exit The day Mt. Fuji climbing open, and saying a prayer for a safe climbing.
15,16 Water Festival Shirataki Park Water Festival at Shirataki Park, thanksgiving for the blessing of water. Sending off the spirits of the dead on lanterns floated on the waters of the stream on 16th.
August From August 15 to 17 Mishima Summer Festival Center of Mishima city It is the biggest festival in Mishima. Various events and parades are held for 3 days.
October The end of October Halloween Prade in Mishima Center of Mishima city Kids in Halloween costume take part in the parade.
From October 30 to November 30 Chrysanthemum Festival Rakujuen Many chrysanthemums, displayed at Rakujuen, re-create the famous Japanese architecture.
November 3 Autumn Post Station Festival Center of Mishima city Main Commercial Street changes the pedestrian precinct, and various events are held there.
23 Maple-viewing Festival Ryutakuji temple An airring art treasures which belongs in Ryutakuji temple. It is held Once a year, and opened to public.
The end of November Sweet potato Festival JA Mishimakananmi Sano Branch Selling sweet potatoes; our special products, and possible to taste the processed sweet potatoes.
The end of November Radish hanging at Mitsuya region Mishima city (Hakone foot of West) It reminds us of the particular season of winter: Japanese radishes hung out on lines like curtains make a beautiful contrast with Mt. Fuji with snow.

*Schedules may change depending on traffic weather conditions.


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